Bedruthan Steps


Bedruthan Steps has become one of the most popular destinations on the north Cornish coast because of the stunning cliff views of sea stacks stretching across Bedruthan bay. The whole coastal area around Bedruthan is ideal for walking.

The cliffs at Bedruthan have been systematically eroded over the years, leaving a series of impressive volcanic rock stacks. Theses pillars of detached cliff rise majestically from Bedruthan Beach, forming a series of columns that stretch across the bay.


The name Bedruthan Steps is said to be taken from a mythological giant called 'Bedruthan' who used the rock stacks on the beach as stepping stones, and seems to be a late nineteenth century invention for Victorian tourists.

The buildings at Bedruthan and Carnewas are a reminder of it's industrial past when iron, copper and lead was mined from the cliffs. The National Trust shop was originally the count house office of Carnewas Mine and the cafe was one of the mine buildings.