Kynance Cove


Kynance has been popular as a beach resort since Victorian times with its clear turquoise waters and fine sand. It has some very unique rock formations including a distinctive pinnacle on the north side of the beach.

On the west side of Kynance beach the causeway or tombolo, which connects the mainland with Asparagus Island, is completely covered at high tide, cutting off the island for a good six hours.


The cove became popular in the early Victorian era, with many distinguished visitors including poet Alfred Tennyson. The BBC has described Kynance Cove as "one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the South West."

The Kynance Cafe opened for business in 1929 and until recently relied on spring water, and on a generator for power. In 1999 The National Trust renovated it and provided mains water & electricity.