Newquay is perched on Cornwall's Atlantic cliffs and bordered by seven miles of glorious golden sandy beaches. It is one of the nation's favourite seaside towns and manages to be both trendy and yet remains a great family resort, all wrapped up in the most fantastic coastal scenery.

Newquay has for the last 100 years become both a popular holiday destination and an internationally renowned surfing area and venue. With consistent waves and a fantastic array of beaches to suit different tides, weather conditions, mood and ability.


Newquay was originally the fishing port of Towan Blistra before the new quay was built in the fifteenth century. the quay was mainly used for the import of coal and the export of mined ore for the tin and copper mining industries. For many years, the main industry was pilchard fishing and salting.

Up to the early 20th century, Newquay was famous for pilchards and there is a "Huer's Hut" above the harbour from which a lookout would cry "Hevva!" to call out the fishing fleet when pilchard shoals were spotted. The town's present insignia is two pilchards.