Porthcurno Beach is located some three miles east-southeast of Land`s End. There are magnificent views of the turquoise-tinted bay from the clifftop footpath. The high cliffs here provide some shelter from the wind and there is a stream flowing down the side of the beach which is ever popular with the kids. This often forms a big pool which is great for paddling.

Porthcurno Beach faces south-east and lies in the western corner of lovely Porthcurno Bay. A wide footpath gently slopes down to the beach from a large car park around 200 yards above. At low tide the sand stretches all the way round to neighbouring  Pedn Vounder and the scenery is at its best with shallow pools of translucent water and islands of sand forming across the beach. It is an easy walk between the two coves, 

On the cliffs to the west of Porthcurno is the world famous Minack Theatre . This wonderful open air venue commands superb views across Porthcurno Bay, with its turquoise water and golden rocks, as far as The Lizard. Between May and September each year, performances are given by a variety of theatrical companies.

One mile along the coast is Logan Rock, a huge naturally balanced piece of granite weighing 80 tons, said to have been dislodged at the beginning of the last century by a young naval officer. Porthcurno was once an important place on the map. It was the centre of world telecommunication and incorporates tunnels well below the surface use to house top secret equipment during the Second World War.