Chun Quoit stands on a northwest facing slope of a natural rise just over a mile from the sea in open moorland near Pendeen. It consists of four upright stones about a metre and a half in height, three of which support a fairly circular 2-3 metre wide capstone.

The name 'Chun' comes from the Cornish 'Chy-an-Woone' meaning 'the House on the Downs'. Chun Quoit can be reached by following a track from the nearby farm, which also takes you past the nearby Chun Castle, a small Iron Age hillfort.


Chun Quoit is remarkable for being the only dolmen in the area to have retained its capstone in its original setting. Erected in the Neolithic period (3500-2500BC), this chambered barrow still retains some evidence of the mound which once surrounded it.

In the same vicinity of Chun Quoit there are many other megalithic and archaeological sites as Lanyon Quoit, Mulfra Quoit, Mên-an-Tol and Men Scryfa. The rocky outline of Carn Kenidjack marks the position of midwinter sunset away to the south-west.




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