Coverack is a coastal village and fishing port in Cornwall, on the east side of the Lizard peninsula. The beach at Coverack is a large, sheltered, crescent shaped arc of sand, that can be quite rocky in places, but is ideal for swimming & windsurfing.

Coverack is built on two sides of a spur of rock that juts out into the sea. The village retains much of its original charm and atmosphere. Fishing boats and pleasure craft shelter in Coverack's small harbour - built out of the local green serpentine rock


Ships of every shape and size have run aground on the sharp rocks that make up the cliffs around Coverack. This expanse called the Manacles, has claimed life of both native and foreigner. Eventualy a lifeboat house was built near the bay.

Every year on Christmas Day, all the local villagers and many holiday makers turn out to watch volunteers go swimming in the harbour in aid of charity. This tradition has gone on for nearly 50 years. The setting for the book Wild Strawberries by Emma Blair.




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